Alignable Review: Local B2B Networking Platform

Alignable is a great tool for local business owners to connect with one another. It has a lot of communications and organizational features that will bring value to any small team. And, because it already has a relatively large community, it’s easy to find people to network with.

Alignable’s greatest drawback may also be considered a feature. That is to say, you won’t get much out of it without a paid subscription. And, most subscriptions will limit you to a specific geography. Platforms like Staunch.Biz and LinkedIn do not limit you to such constraints.

On the plus-side, making a networking platform mostly pay-to-play will limit the amount of spam you get. It will also mean that the people who are signed up are serious about growing their businesses, by networking with yours. Last, by limiting you to a local region, it’s true that you’ll get fewer leads. However, it’s also true that for many industries, those leads will be more likely to convert than leads from a place far from home.